Industrial vacuum cleaner bags

One of our goals and priority is become the leader of  the manufactoring industial bags. 

  • We are manufacturing also industrial types of vacuum cleaners bags.
  • We are able manufactoring new model in 2 weeks after we receive samples.
  • Also available very rare models of HUSKY, NILFISK, ETA, KARCHER etc.
  • Reasonable prices. (We are working very cost effective)
  • High quality. (Filter fabric is from Germany, own developed special glue, cartons from Holland, new ultrasonic machines, special sew material)
  • Very small limitation for minimum order amount also for rare types.
  • Special 2 fabric layers for industrial bags, (Black and white fabrics). We are only one who do it on this way with ultrasonic sewing and nylon overall sewing for safe industrial cleaning.
  • Everything on stock. In case you have temporary problem with any types of bags we can help you.
  • Special vacuum cleaner scent which is not only scent but it is also antibacterial against bacteria and mold.